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Alex slouched against the wall sighing as he waited for his teacher to come and unlock the classroom door.  He was half asleep when the teacher Mr. Springer finally walked into the little corner where all the music classrooms were held. He sat down in the small mirrored piano lab, looking at his reflection fixing his bangs so they were over his forehead as he was doing this he heard a chuckle. He looked up to see his best friend Jack Barakat. "What I'm not aloud to fix my hair to cover my gigantic forehead?" Alex knew this would cause Jack to compliment him and he lived to hear Jack say those kinds of things, even if he had to prompt them sometimes. Alex was very much in love with his best friend, he just couldn't tell him.

Jack set at his keyboard that is located next to Alex and sighs rolling his eyes. "You look wonderful Alex, you always do." Jack then pokes Alex's stomach playfully. Mr. Springer walked in though and class started. It was a simple class that will earn Alex and Jack the last fine arts credit they need to graduate. After class they hurried into the hall, they both now had study hall. Alex isn't surprised to Finds Jacks arm around his shoulder. Alex could hear very loud obnoxious singing behind them and he rolls his eyes, the choir class got out at the same time as theirs and the worst in the class always went into song very loudly in the halls.
"I wonder if they  know that's what the choir room is for?" Alex just puts it out there. "I don't know why they have to sing in my hall." He says making sure the girls can hear him. Jack raised his eyebrow at the blond.
"Your hall?"
"Yes my hall, you should know that I am king of the this school dude." Alex shot Jack a playful smile.

"Okay sure you are but what the hell am I then because I thought I was the king of the world." Jack pretends to pout.
Alex huffs a little. "Well I guess you could be my queen." Alex gives Jack a playful peck on the cheek.
Jack felt his cheeks heat up, he like Alex loved the little things like that. Jack was to afraid to tell Alex though he didn't want to ruin their friendship, even if everyone else already thought they were a couple. "I'm not a girl thank you very much Mr. Gaskarth. Jack giggled as they got approached the study hall room.

The period went slow because there was no talking, it also didn't help that Jack and Alex didn't set even remotely close to each other. This period did them time to think or in Jacks case sleep. Alex tried to do his homework but it just wasn't happening Jack kept popping up in his thoughts. They had always been close but over the past year Alex's affection had gone past the point of best friend. He thought about the situation all period and decided that today would be the day he told Jack the truth, he just didn't know when he would tell him. Study hall ended and both boys parted ways. During the next to periods Alex became nervous about his decision, while Jack had also come to the conclusion that he needed to let Alex know about his true feelings. Jack though was pretty confident and didn't worry about it. It was now fourth period and Alex felt nauseous it was math and he had it with Jack. The teacher Ms. Parish informed them they would be playing a game in groups of five, but first they would be watching a clip from Pirates of the Carbien two, to see how you play pirate dice. After the five minuet clip was done the class divided. Alex was in a group with Rian, Zack, Chris, and Jack. They were all friends and how known each other since freshman year or longer. They all had a band together minus Chris, but he was a huge supporter of the band. Jack started the game off, by the fifth time around Alex was down to one die and was going to be the first one out. In two more rounds he lost, he looked up to see a smirking Jack who had been the cause of his losing.

"looks like you have to serve an eternity on ship, I am now the owner of your soul." Alex knew his cheeks were red and he cursed himself, he didn't have a come back so he got up and quickly gave his game things to the teacher before setting down to watch the remainder of his friends play. Thinking as he sat down Jack you already own it, you always have and always will.
For the rest of the class Jack kept smiling and looking at Alex loving how noticeably flustered the boy got. With the help of Rian Jack had figured out that Alex had a crush on him. He had asked Rian about it earlier that day. Rian was honesty astounded that neither boy knew that the other liked him. Sixth period lunch was awkward, everyone noticed the change between Alex and Jack. Alex felt so light headed as he sat in his normal spot, beside Jack. Jack kept bumping into him or rubbing up against him, of course Alex was trying to play it cool but everyone could tell that he was enjoying it to no end. By the end of the day Alex didn't want to go to his locker because he would have to see Jack.  He walked there slowly and he didn't see the younger brunette in sight and he sighed in relief. When he shut his locker door though there stood Jack with his dopey grin that Alex had fallen in love with.

"Hey Alex do you want to hang out tonight? I kind of need to talk to you." Jack was still smiling and Alex felt jealous because he felt like a nervous wreck.

"Actually yeah I do I need to talk to you too. How about I come over around five?"
Before Jack can respond they both heard a snide remark about them fags and Jack got pushed. All of Jacks books came flying out of his arms and landed between him and Alex. The kids who pushed him didn't stick around. Both Jack and Alex bent down at the same time as they were both standing up the tip of Alex nose brushed Jacks, there eyes locked. Jack dropped what he had picked up and gently pushed Alex against the locker his lips finding Alex's easily. Their lisp barley brushed when they heard someone from behind clear their throat.

"No PDA boys save it for off school property." This gave time to run away, not that he hadn't enjoy the kiss but he was more than a little shocked and confused. This was a good thing right? Or had Jack found out some how and was just playing a prank? The kiss could have even been an accident, he rethought that thought because Jack had pushed him against the lockers that was no accident.  

Jack pouted as he found Alex was gone, maybe he shouldn't have kissed him? He had been so sure that Alex liked him. He went home feeling it best to let the situation cool down a little, but he was very melancholy the rest of the day which is a very non-Jack thing to be.  

Alex made it home quickly he only lived five blocks from the school. The breeze against his face made him think of Jacks lips against his, their noses brushing. He felt horrible now for leaving Jack and he was sure the boy wouldn't want to see him again.

Both boys spent hours feeling sorry for themselves locked in their rooms. Finally Alex decided that if Jack could make the first move, he needed to make the second, he needed to fix this. He walked to Jacks house, his mom offered him a ride but he declined. It was only a fifteen block walk, this would give him plenty of time to think even though that's all he had been doing.

Finally Alex was standing at Jacks front door palms sweaty and looking pale finger hovering over the door bell.  he jabbed it hearing the ding dong resound through the house and then quick footsteps that Alex knew belonged to Jacks mom. He had done this so many times, except he had never done with the intention of professing his love for his best friend.

"Hello Alex dear." she studied the boy he looked ill. "Are you not feeling well either? Jack came home and said he didn't feel well, he hasn't left his room once tonight."  

Alex was blushing and thanking God he was outside in the dark. "Oh well do you think it will be okay if I go up and see him? I mean since were both sick already it wont matter." Alex stepped in as Jacks mom moved.

"Go on up dear." With that she went back into the kitchen.

Alex took the stairs slowly, he stood in front of Jacks door for what seemed like years before knocking.

"I already told you mom I'm not hungry." Jack said his face buried in his pillow.

Alex didn't say anything he just opened the door frowning a little as he saw his usually happy go lucky friend looking so sad and it was worse because he had caused it.

"Oh come on mom, I just want to sleep." Jack didn't move he didn't feel like it.

"I'm sorry I'm not your mom because I'm sure you would rather it be her in here." Alex closed the door, but regretted doing so because it was so dark. Alex stayed where he was  not wanting to upset Jack.

Jack groaned and flipped onto his back. "Why are you here?" Jack had a little sense of hope, but he didn't want to seem desperate.

"I'm sorry…." Jack cut him off

"I know I shouldn't have kissed you right and you're here to say that you don…." Jack was cut off by Alex straddling his hips and their lips crashing together.

'That isn't even close to what I came to say Barakat!" Alex whispered against Jacks lips. "I came here to do this." Alex kissed him again and then let his lips travel down the boys neck, his hand resting on Jacks hip. Their lips connected again.

"Dude I am so glad you weren't my mom!" Jack laid back on the pillow smirking at Alex.
So this is pretty crappy but I thought I would post it tell me what you think, I think this is the first jalex I have written or at leasted posted I hope its okay.
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FriedFrerardChicken Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i love how jack, in the study hall just... sleeps xD He is oblivious to everything else :')
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Loved it! (Especially the last line)
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Love the last line!
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werealldead123 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
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I don't think it's crappy! I loved this! You've got some real talent! ;P
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