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RoofTops ch.1
It was unusually quit at the Seward residence and it scared Johnny. The cool breeze out on the roof stung his scarped body and busted lip, goose bumps formed as it blew a little stronger. He strained trying to listen for the rowdy sounds that always accompanied his brother and his gang of friends he still heard nothing. He liked being able to hear them, knowing where they are. He wished things were not so complicated but they always had been and he did not see a change happening in his future.
Chapter one
Johnny sat at the table it was  close to seven and he would have to leave soon if he wanted to make it to school on time. He drummed his fingers he was hoping his parents "friends" would be leaving soon. He did not want to go upstairs with Lenny and his cronies hanging around, but he needed his backpack. He glanced at the clock again five till he bit his lip and drug himself up the stairs.
At the top of the landing he held his breath his room was at the end of the
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Dance To Your Shadow
Brian sat to the right of his older brother David who sat to the right of their father who sat to the right of their grandfather king Arthur. To the left sat the women of the castle. There was a festival tonight celebrating Brian's tenth birthday. He was now old enough to start his official training for knighthood and the laws of the land for when he would be king. All were invited to this glorious night an other noble son welcomed into the Arthurian family, an other young man to be groomed into a strong leader.
The night was going slow for young Brian while the peasants danced he sat straight as a bored imitating his father. He pressed his fingers into his chair trying not to tap out the beat the lute and harpist were setting. His father had told him he was to stay seated until he was told by either himself or his brother. It had been a long night of watching in itchy cloths. He nodded politely and answered questions if they were asked. The only form of entertainment he found in the n
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Jimmys drum set:mini replica 2 by werealldead123 Jimmys drum set:mini replica 2 :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 6 4 Jimmys drum set: mini replica by werealldead123 Jimmys drum set: mini replica :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 6 2 foREVer: mini drumset by werealldead123 foREVer: mini drumset :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 16 38
The Art of Heartbreak
Simplicity of childhood love and play.
The mind does dwell on joy. The twinkling dies
With sorrow dripping like a poison. Say
The words, honey dipped lies forcing vacant eyes
Up towards starless sky's. The sun again sets
On love. No hope of being unmarred each scar
A ghost to dance on graves so lost. And yet
With bleeding hearts we march for love and far
carrying dust, decayed memory, loves past.
Paths veiled, soul searching, vanity in laced
expectations. Always the first and last
thought like a ship, on stormy seas. A chase
for survival, salvaging the heart.
Pieces brought together stained glass, pure art.
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Best Christmas Present Ever by werealldead123 Best Christmas Present Ever :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 11 11
bottom of a bottle 12
Larry sat on the side lines shaking his head as Brian yet again got to friendly with Zack on stage. Yeah they had always flirted on stage but tonight it was one hundred times worse. It had been a week since he got Brian's divorce papers, and he was relived that Brian and Michelle weren't exactly speaking to each other at the moment other wise he would be a dead man. Matt bellowed the last line of Unholy Confessions before the band said their goodbyes and made it off the stage. All five were drenched in sweat and looked tired as hell, but the smiles on their faces showed that they were not going to be sleeping even if they had to stay propped against a wall to stay up and party.  They were all finally back in their grove Larry thought happily.
"Best fucking show ever!" Jimmy did this weird dance thing against Johnny as the shorter man tried to get away both were laughing as Jimmy picked him up and twirled around. Larry saw Brian whisper to Zack and kiss his neck as they silent
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Mature content
Can We Make Time :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 1 8
Dreams and Lullabies Peterick1
Patrick straightened his suit in the long gold gild mirror. He took in the gaudy Victorian wall paper and shelves lined with books shaking his head, why did a funeral home need books? He left the room reluctantly entering a sea of people. He didn't know most of them and he bet Pete didn't either, he felt a pang in his heart. He wanted all of these "friends" gone they never cared for him, they only cared for his money and flashy smile. Patrick made it half way through the room before he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. When he turned he was looking into twin pools of brown misery. He licked his lips sorrow was not a look he was accustom to seeing on Brendon's young jovial face. Patrick just pulled him into a hug neither said a word, they broke apart losing each other in the abyss of people. Patrick encountered a few more friends but kept moving to the front of the room. Each step he took feeling heavier, each unfamiliar face sending a flash of anger through his pretty ocean like e
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Breaking all over again
It get's harder to watch each tear.
Each new time.
Desperation clinging to us both.
There's no need for words,
we know each other so well.
Smoke dances delicately from your lips,
to float on the wind;
it carry's so many broken promises.
Lies told to us,
to you.
Fragmented words that sound pretty,
adorning hidden edges.
Coping is just a way.
Your life now.
Fleeting glances stab like icy knives.
They hurt more than your words.
It is how I know your world is crumbling,
We go weeks with only barley there looks.
Your diving right back into the pool of desperation.
One day my hand wont be enough to pull you back again.
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River of Gold 2 by werealldead123 River of Gold 2 :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 3 0
Mature content
Memories Fade 2 :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 2 3
River of Gold 1 by werealldead123 River of Gold 1 :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 1 0
Mature content
Bottom of a Bottle 11 Synacky :iconwerealldead123:werealldead123 4 11
Memories Fade 1
The small man lying the bed tried to open his eyes but found it difficult, the blindingly bright light was hurting his eyes through his eyelids he could only imaging what it would feel like hitting his retinas. He took a deep breath and the air smelled sterile and bland.  He didn't know where he was, he knew that smell wasn't right but he want really sure what he should be smelling. The man finally cracked is eyes open and yeah it was right the light hurt like hell. Once he had adjusted he took in the room, long window against one wall with off white blinds, bland green almost white paint on the walls, way to many fluorescent lights. He looked at his hand and read the white hospital bracelet, it read John Doe…he knew that wasn't right that was not his name. He bit his full bottom lip as eh strained to think of the bracelet should read  he came up with nothing he hit a mental wall with a thud and the more he thought he could a headache blossom in the back of his
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The Roaring Game by Kritzelkrams The Roaring Game :iconkritzelkrams:Kritzelkrams 315 57 Steam-punk Clandestine by sashabrambleshadow Steam-punk Clandestine :iconsashabrambleshadow:sashabrambleshadow 70 42 I'm lost in Cape Town. by MCRfansister I'm lost in Cape Town. :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 3 12 Sunshine. by MCRfansister Sunshine. :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 4 1 Deflour by Mistoffelees-Shadow Deflour :iconmistoffelees-shadow:Mistoffelees-Shadow 40 20 Ryan Freaking Ross. by MCRfansister Ryan Freaking Ross. :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 4 0 autumn leafs by KariLiimatainen autumn leafs :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 314 9 Lion Guard by RS-Kyra Lion Guard :iconrs-kyra:RS-Kyra 2 0 Watch Your Step by RS-Kyra Watch Your Step :iconrs-kyra:RS-Kyra 5 7 I'm saying BULLSHIT by zukich I'm saying BULLSHIT :iconzukich:zukich 718 118 Saporta SWAG. by MCRfansister Saporta SWAG. :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 7 1 0987 by KariLiimatainen 0987 :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 483 13 Orange Butterfly by DREAMCA7CHER Orange Butterfly :icondreamca7cher:DREAMCA7CHER 39 0 OJOHOHOHGFJHGFKHKJF by MCRfansister OJOHOHOHGFJHGFKHKJF :iconmcrfansister:MCRfansister 1 0
Spill The Wax Over Spaces pt.1
Alex POV;
I slowly awoke, I moaned as my head shattered into the most painful headache ever.
I pulled myself out of bed,my body felt weary and old. I ran a hand through me bed-head and instantly regretted it, it was sticky and smelt like vodka.
I was only in my boxers as I padded through the mess to get to the bathroom, and the asprin.
A cup full of water and a small asprin left by some kind person was on the sink, just behind the taps.
I popped the pill into my mouth and glugged the water down, my mouth was dry and tasted disgusting. I opened the cabnet and grabed the mouthwash, quickly swiging it around and spitting it out.
I looked up into the mirror, my brown hair was matted and sticking up at random angles, my skin was blotchy, and stubble protrduded out of my chin. My eyes were... bloodshot and souless.
Sunddenly, through the mirror I thought I saw my older brother Daniel at the doorway, I turned round to see him, he looked at me with his huge sad eyes.
"Oh, little brother" He si
:iconpandakatie:PandaKatie 5 8





United States
I over think things, I have insomnia, music and writing are my life. My family is very important to me, you mess with them and you will have to deal with a very unpleasant me. I am quiet in person and hard to get to know, I am much more lively over the internet. It's hard for me to trust people, I have been hurt to many times. I want to be a write and photographer. I am opinionated but I will listen to others and try not to shove my views down others throats. I suffer from nightmares have since I was little. I am a procrastinator. I tend to get depressed so bear with me when I get that way.
This is for anyone who cares or that still watches me on the off chance I might bring bottom of a bottle back. I am revamping it I am going through the chapters and definitely redoing and it will take me longer to post things because of school and my desire to make the story what I had intended it to be. There might be some major changes I am not sure yet. I am planning on doing this with the rest of my stories too but Bottom of a bottle is my largest one  and is unfinished so I am revisiting it first. Now for anyone that wants to know what has been going on with me you can keep reading.

I have not updated since November :/ that means a lot has gone down since then! So here is what I wrote about New York(also christmas) in my other journal: New York was amazing we got back on the 21st/22nd, I have just been taking my time and enjoying the holiday with my family...well kind of. Once we got back we had pretty much one day to do all the baking we usually do for Christmas at my Nana's. Anyway's back to New York it was wonderful and I had a great time with my mom and sister. I don't think that I would like to live there but I would definitely like to go back. The east side was really cool, and the walking tour through the east side was one of my favorite things we did. On our first day there we also did one of my favorite things we went to Central Park and they had a holiday art show at Columbus Circle, from there went into the park and ended up at Bethesda Terreace which was beautiful I have no words to describe it. We also went to Macy's, FEO Schwartz, and the others stores like Tiffany's that are on 5th avenue.  Naturally we went to see the tree at Rockefeller center, and we could see Time Square from out hotel so that was nice.  The flight home was really the only problem we encountered the whole trip(besides for getting lost a few times). We were supposed to leave at 8:10 Pm and we ended up not leaving until past midnight because of delays out of Philadelphia, we got back in ohio around two and actually got back to the house at 4:30. As I said earlier that then led into Santa's Sweat Shop as me and my uncle Roy call my mom's baking mode. Christmas was a success, none of the grandchildren were injured this year... we have a tradition where the grandchildren eleven and older have to find there Christmas money and it can be dangerous haha we do the same thing on Easter. This year my uncle Butch made boxes and drilled a billion holes into it and put the money in the holes, filled them with cotton, spray painted the holes and then put the box together, we have to figure out hints to find the money. Christmas at home was good got some really cool things. I got a copy of Funny Face and Gene Kelly Anatomy of A Dancer so my life is complete lol.Ohh I also got an e-reader from my brother :)

January third I started school I drive to Columbus four times a week, I am sharing my moms car right now. I drove into my first ditch last week I think I really may have messed up the car :( Anyways school is going good I hope that it continues to go that way.
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